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    Hi all

    When ive got my computer all set up, i want to run the feed from my sony headunit into the car computer, so i can get decent radio, and minidisc from the changer. Id assume i would run the line out on the headunit to the line in on the soundcard. How do people switch from computer audio to external audio, apart from accessing the volume controls and muting the line in and vice versa on the other audio feeds internally. Do any of the front ends come with 'switching controls' for this kind of thing?

    Any help appreciated


    ps. not sure if this is right section for this thread, but here goes!

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    I think im probably answering my own question, but i suppose i could run it the other way round, and fit the output of the computer into the headunits aux in(if it has one) and then run it that way. All depends on if my headunit can handle md changer and an aux in at same time(doubt it!) Ill have to research the Sony model number


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      Take the output of your radio. Run it through a high-low converter (from any decent DIY electronics place) and run it into your input on your sound card.

      Then you just need to setup somewhere in your front-end to enable the line-in.

      Admittedly, i've never done this. But it is next on my list