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2003 Ford Escape - aux interface?

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  • 2003 Ford Escape - aux interface?

    Hey all, I've done a little digging but cannot seem to figure out exactly which aux interface box I need to purchase to hook up my iPod in my newly acquired 2003 Escape.

    Unfortunately, it looks like my factory stereo won't allow me to connect a aux input such as these: because I have the in-dash 6-disc changer.
    I know it's kind of a long shot, but does anyone here have an Escape with the 6-disc and, if so, have you managed to directly connect a portable mp3 player? I fear that I might be stuck buying an FM transmitter, although I had my iPod directly connected to my previous car's stereo using a Belkin Auto Kit and an RCA cord to a Kenwood connection cable plugged into the CD changer port.......

    Thanks in advance!