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omg!! i just blown both of my comps.....

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  • omg!! i just blown both of my comps.....

    Heres my setup

    alpine 9835
    kicker KS5.2
    kicker KS65.2
    kicker kx650.4
    kicker kx1200.1
    1 cap
    1 redtop
    2 12" l7s
    1999 mitsubishi eclipse stock alt (i dont know how much amp it is)

    it sounded so good for the first 30secs so i turned off the car.... next min i turn my car back on then all of a sudden one of my front speakers made a pop sound and gave a lot of engine noise.... i took everything off and checked the wiring... it looked fine...... so i turned back on the car and found my front left midbass speaker wasnt working but the tweeter worked.... front right speakers works but it sounds like its cracking.... back left midbass is working but the tweeters are not.... back right midbass and tweeters dont work at all..... all that money wasted ..... now i dont what to do... if i install all new speakers it might happen again.... has this ever happen to anyone? u think my amp is the problem or the deck? btw no fuses popped.....

    the gains on the amp was only 1/4 high... these comps can handle the power so it says.... (150watts/75rms and 130watts/65rms)whats the right cross over settings? it was all working before... the only thing i did was upgraded my rca cables... maybe some wires touched after all the bass was shaking the car? or is that amp to much for those speakers? the birthsheet was 705watts....


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    damn dude that really does suck.. It probably blew because of the noise it got from the engine.