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HD to Car Mp3 player via USB

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  • HD to Car Mp3 player via USB

    I have just bought a H&B CA-5555 in-car MP3 player (from pixmania for 85) with USB port on the front (

    I have tried to connect a 3.5 Hard Drive via a EASY IDE 2.0 USB adapter but the unit would not play the MP3s properly. It read the ID3 tags and played a second or two of a track but then nothing!

    So it CAN work but HOW DO I SET IT UP TO WORK RIGHT???

    could it be the 3.5 HD? would a 2.5 laptop HD work? or maybe is it the easy ide adapter i'm using? (The H&B Mobile Multimedia AV-512 is supposed to work according to H&B

    cheers in advance

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    I did some looking around and it seems that the device is designed to read of a USB memory thingie.
    It's very likely that the access speed of the USB hard drive isn't fast enough for the headunit.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks DarquePervert, maybe this is why the stereo keeps trying to play from the HD but then fails. However it did play for a second and Ben Denmeade posted that he could use a 3.5 HD with a drive caddy:

      So if its down to access speed what would I need? It is possible isn't it?