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Time Correction (DSP) Winamp?

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  • Time Correction (DSP) Winamp?

    Anyone know where i can get "Time Correction" plugin for Winamp or someting else player?

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    Intervideo windvd has multichannel time correction,but don't know why it's enabled only with disc(dvd audio,dvd video haven't tried cd audio).If you want to play a file on the hd (unless is a disc image) you can't use it.You can specify correction with 1 ms scale.
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      do you have a soundblaster pci card? you can get time correction through the kxproject driver and a plugin
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        I use motherboard integrated AC97 audio (6-channel)


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          a 1 ms scale in the car is completely useless. you could set it at the lowest setting, and youd be basically as good off as you were without T/A! arguably, you can say you were better off before!

          are there any solutions that have at least a .1 ms resolution? higher resolution would be better still, too...


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            Are you sure?I don't think even the alpine dsp have a resolution of more than 1ms
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              im sure it must, even the eclipse 8443 has a resolution of .1 ms. Alto's Drive 30 has a resolution of .02 ms (a little extreeme)

              edit: 1 ms of correction is to correct just over a foot of offset placement! works great in a house. probably not the car so well


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                F#1 status has .1 ms resolution, just checked.