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    This post is going to caontain some serious newb questions. If they offend you then stop reading now please.

    Just got back from Iraq and purchased an 03 Altima 3.5 SE. This has the Bose 6 disk Cd changer head unit built in dash from factory. (I think you call it a double din given it is a thick radio)

    I want to replace this factory radio with a flat screen Monitor DVD player with navigation unit.

    Something like this :

    Hope that pic shows up because i am not good at this kind of stuff.

    My problem is my dash has an odd shaped factory radio and according to the people at Best Buy, Circuit City, Sound Advice, and 2 small family shops in my area, they do not make an after market kit to put a flat screen into an altima.

    Possible to fabricate it? I have a hard time believing that they dont sell after market install kits for a car that is hugely popular.

    I simply want a 7 inch or so size touch screen monitor in the dash. I want it to have Sattelite radio, DVD, and prefferably be a touch screen. Ipod hook up is pretty optional.

    is this something I will be able to do with this car? Is going the carputer route something I actually should be doing instead? Still not sure what exactly it is anyway.

    Frustrated beyond belief with local shops in this area of florida.

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    no there is no kit to install a monitor.

    If your picture of your "dvd navagation" unit is din and a half ( the size of your radio ) then i would think it would fit with with standard aftermarket kit sold for the car to replace the head unit.

    There is alot of space in your dash to put almost anything you want there. but unless what you are tring to install is designed to replace a din and half radio size (or single din) it is not likely to have a kit.

    Check out the single din flipout vga screen sold in the forums store.

    something like
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      Can you take a pic of your dash and upload it here...

      Theres alot of talented people here that will guide you through the delicate steps of using a hammer and a sawzall
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        Click below on my worklog and you'll see how I mounted a 7" Xenarc into my Altima. I have an 05 so my dash is a little different, but at least it will give you an idea of how it can be done without having to use bondo and such to fabricate it in.
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