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stereo help 2004 tahoe

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  • stereo help 2004 tahoe

    I want to add a sub to my factory tahoe deck. I already know how to connect it but am having trouble to decide where to put it. I have seen JL stealthbox that will fit in center console but wondered if any one has ever put a sub or two in the rear side panels. My tahoe is a four door and the rear panels have grill designs on them like they were meant for some type of speaker.

    Anyone help please.

    P.S. anyone know where to find prices on the net of jl audio and anyone use a JL cleen sweep before.

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    The closest thing i could find is this
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      Thanks pancit1

      Ihave checked that site before. The under the seat thing is cool but you have to take the box out to fold down the seat. Not to practical for me. That's why I have been trying to find more info on the JL audio stealthbox for my center console. It looks really good but i don't know how it will sound and I can't seem to find a price on it.