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  • These any good?

    Hi all...just got the money for my audio gear and i have been offered a front and rear set of components a sub and an amp at a very reasonable price. However all the brands are American only and dont venture to our UK shores so im not sure if the stuff is any good.....i wonder if you guys could tell me if they are or not...and if poss how much they go for over there with you. I can then work out if to go for them or not... The deal seems a bit to good to be true so im being cautious, the guy seems really nice on the phone and appears to be offering me them at half retail because he is line clearing....but i have been conned before so im a bit suspicous....

    As ever your help is appreciated!

    Solid audio amp

    Oz Audio 10 " Sub

    Powerbass speakers pbx e26c (front)
    powerbass speakers es6x (rear)

    many thanks!

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    You have been offered a good set of components. Considered a good mid range system. With reliable and sturdy equipment. You should be very pleased with the setup. Solid Audio makes good reasonably priced amplifiers that are reliable and put out good power in thier class. All in all a good solid amp. The subs seem to be typical of the JL Audio lookalikes and should match up well with the amp. You are best off with the Dual 2 ohm OZ sub wired to 1 ohm that the Sub section of the amp can handle.

    All in all the sub is the less expensive component of the system, it is OZ Audio's entry level Sub. That said however, OZ audi makes some of best and most expensive SPL subs and Amplifiers on the market. So thier entry level stuff is pretty rugged.

    A sub is a easy upgrade at a later date. The amp can drive a wide variety of subs. In the USA Solid has a good warrenty but you may have issues seeing that you are overseas. But as a system it is not junk.

    As long as these are factory fresh units and not refurbs you are good to go.


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      Cheers accent... i think ill take the gear then.. if it comes with the full warranty!