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  • Volkswagen jetta alternator

    I have a 2002 volkswagen jetta 2.0L - I'm getting an install done by this place called world of sound, audio, & video they say that they might be able to run both amps at 1 ohm but they say my alternator might not be able to handle it. If it can't handle that then they'll have to run it at 2 ohms which is 1300 watts rms each. I really want my subs to slam though. Do you have any idea as to if the alternator in my car can handle 4000 watts rms or not? Also is there any other way if the alternator can't handle it to wire the subs at 1 ohm or will I need to buy a better alternator that can handle that kinda power just to get 2000 watts rms out of each amp. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    1300 watts RMS is PLENTY. 4000 watts RMS is really overkill. Whats the point, so you can blow out your ear drums and go deaf at 30? So that people a block away from you can hear you coming? PLEASE don't tell me because it sounds better.

    I worked at a pro shop from the age of 17 until i was 24. I couldnt even count the number of systems i have designed/sold and installed. If you were competing for volume, I could understand, but driving on the same road that I am, while blasting your stereo at volumes that will prevent you from hearing the oncoming horn, or the scream of the child you just backed into is irresponsible and a danger. Moral of the story, I'm against 4000 watts into your vehicle. You fell prey to stereo salesman who make you think that more is better. You could have a clean sounding system with less than a total of 1000 watts that will still get you as much attention. It will make up for penis size just as much as the 4000 watt system.

    Off of the soapbox... When you drive an amplifier at a low impedence load, it draws sequentially more and more amperage. The point of such amps were designed as ways to get around wattage classes in competition. Running your amplifier at 2 ohm load will save you substantial wear on your charging system and as a matter of fact, If you can do it, take a look at getting a 4 ohm load to really ease things.

    If its volume that you want, pay more attention to the efficiency of a sub than its power handling. You need to increase your wattage 10x to double the volume of a sub (4000 watt amplifer is only twice as loud as a 400 watt amplifier) where as if you were to select a speaker that had 3db more sensitivity, and run it on 400 watts, it would be the same volume as the lesser sub with 4000 watts.

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      w/o knowing the specs, i would guess, no, it woudln't handle a 4000 watt amp.
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        I see what you're saying then I'll tell him to run it at a 2ohm load for each amplifier. Hope it sounds good =). The amps are hifonics brutus bx2005d and the subs are the orion 15.2 h2s.


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          I run a hifonics amps in my car, but thats due to the 5.1 decoding. I hooked it up and it was DoA out of the box. Warrentee has taken 2 months. Hifonics amps are made in China and in all honesty, awful. I am not impressed in the least. The old stuff was great, but ever since Maxxsonic took over the brand name, its gone downhill.

          OOO, i'd like to point out MaxxSonics philosophy. They buy names... Thats right, they buy the right to names and then rebadge China equipment with the name. poor poor poor.

          The Orion subs are kosher, but require quite a bit of space. Are you getting rid of your rear seat? eliminating your trunk? Why 15's??????

          Why not look into 12s and a better amp? Save yourself some money and space, save yourself the tax on your charging system. Use a ported enclosure, or even a bandpass design to get you the volume you want.
          Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.


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            Sounds Insane

            No I'm not getting rid of my back seats - but i did have a hard time getting the box into the trunk. I had to remove the spare tire and jack and then remove the carpet. Then I barely got the box in there and then I placed the carpet back under the box. I'm not even sure how I did all this buy myself considering it was a 100lb box. So I went to the car audio shop and they put in my speakers within 2 days (1hr 15min each day, jetta speakers are hard to get out because u need to rivet them out with a high speed drill at a low speed =P). So neways I dropped it back off yesterday and they installed the subs(they had to screw the subs in with the box in the trunk because they would never be able to put it back in there if they took the box out). Amps, Cap, Subs, Hu, all running fine now. I turned the volume up to 10/50 and it was like as loud as my 3 kicker comp vrs at 50/50 volume! Then i turned it up to 40/50 and the whole car was shaking and it was hard to breathe =P - I could probably set off car alarms 2 subdivisions over in my community. The subs sound ridiculously loud in that car and I was even thinking about running 4000 watts to both subs and now 2600 is like overkill. Now I just have to get a new battery - some ppl suggested an optima - I just wanted to see what other people thought as far as what battery I could get. Thnx for warning me to only run each amp at 2ohms though, I would already be deaf by now if I didn't .


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              P.S. A few songs u should get for your car are Bass Mechanic and Toccota In B on bass mekanik's reload disc 1 and then boston acoustik's woofer cooker - they sound insanely loud and the bass is fun to listen to. If you go to they have like every bass cd ever made for you to download - you get 50 songs free for signing up and then each song is $0.25 or less. I've spent like $200 already on that website(it's very nicely done and cheap - you can't get these songs on any p2p program).


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                Pics of Setup

                Here are a few pics of my system - they're not that good cause I just took them and it's night time but i'll post some tomorrow that have better lighting.
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