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Alpine remote faceplate install

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  • Alpine remote faceplate install

    Anyone done an Alpine (or any other brand for that matter) remote faceplate install for their headunit? I'm looking for tips, tricks, lessons learned, part numbers, etc.

    I have an Alpine CDA-9855, and since my touchscreen takes up the two din slots, I want to install it in the glove compartment, and have the hu faceplate in the ashtray area (will have moulded in). I know I could use CAT 5, etc and solder the connections between the hu and faceplate, but I'm curious if I can find a pre-made cable to do this, or the piece that the faceplate snaps into so it can be detachable from the ashtray area.

    I'm also curious about extending the original hu wiring so that it'll reach the glove box - are there cables to do this as well? In my case, my 2000 328Ci had the nav system, so I'm worried about the antenna connections not being available up front (I think the radio unit was in the trunk, with the antenna connection happening there).

    Thanks for your help.
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    The HU cables will reach very close to the glovebox without any extensions. Once you plug in the alpine ISO adaptor you wont need any further extensions. The antenna will reach the g'box as well. I havent seen any readymade cables between the HU and faceplate - everybody seems to done it custom. If you find something please do post since I would like to do this as well.


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      Thanks for the reply - is the ISO adapter the wiring harness that "converts" the wires into the standard plug for the e46? Not sure if I understand what this is.
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      My "selling entire system" thread


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        IM going to do mine soon so i will post some pics once i get started. I wish i could get the connectors that plug together, would make things alot easier and safer.
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          "is the ISO adapter the wiring harness that "converts" the wires into the standard plug for the e46"

          I mean the set of wires which plug into the BMW harness at one end and allow you to plug in the alpine harness at the other end. The ISO adaptor does not directly plug into the alpine HU -the alpine harness does that.
          alpine HU -> alpine harness -> ISO adaptor -> BMW harness

          i think we are talking about the same thing. let me know how it goes

          and thanks, 84regalrider - look forward to your install.