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New amp - Speaker advice please??

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  • New amp - Speaker advice please??

    Hey guys,

    Just bought a new but I know nothing about the audio side of things, PC I'm fine with :-)

    These are the amp specs:

    6 channel full mosfet amplifier
    2 x 250 watt + 2 x 150 watt + 150 watt + 400 watt PMPO
    Thermal, overload, short protection
    Nickel plated RCA e speaker terminals
    Full range bass boost frequency: 90Hz
    Bass boost: 0-12dB
    Subwoofer LPF: 30Hz - 180Hz
    4 Ohm load

    Which wattage speakers are best to go with the amp? And what wattage sub? I've read about RMS values and Peak values and I'm not completely lost!

    Thanks for any help, as I say .... I know nothing about this side of things ...

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    Let us know the make/model of the amp and we may be able to decipher the values for you. The ratings your provide are most certainly peak and the RMS value could be anywhere from 1/2 to 1/10 of those ratings depending on the amp. That will help us give you better advice as to what speakers to power it with.


    RMS is the continual power output an amp can provide. That means if you are listening to music continuously (which normally you would be doing), this is the power you would be delivering to the speakers.

    Peak power is the amount of wattage an amp can provide for a short period of time. For example you are listening to a song and you raise the volume all the way up... the amp can provide the peak power for a short period of time. If you keep the volume up, you will notice it quickly diminish.


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      Its an SPL AV035.1


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        Originally posted by Gobby
        Its an SPL AV035.1
        Seems to be an eBay special. I haven't been able to find any information outside the figures you mentioned. Problem is without knowing the continual power output of the amp, it's a moot issue to provide speaker ideas. Your only choice is to go with speakers which can handle let's say 1/2 the power output as their RMS ratings. In reality though, this amp seems like one that is closer to the 1/4-1/10 RMS/Peak amps. You could wire it up and then use a multi-meter to figure out the power output.

        In all honesty, I would stay away from this amp and return it if you can. If you decide to stay with it, maybe the manual will have more info. Outside of that, use my advice above.


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          Just get some good ones for the front if you'll run a sub. Anyway component speakers are the way to go. Alpine or Infinity are pretty reasonable.
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            Good components up front a descent set of mids in the rear and at least a 10" sub in the rear and if you can maybe a 3 1/2 in. coax in the center Myself i like Mb Quart components and Kicker Subs.
            Good Luck
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