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Headunit sounds vs. computer Sound

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  • Headunit sounds vs. computer Sound

    Hi all, new to the forum, been a lurker for a while but never a poster.

    My question: What sounds better, the audio from a car pc or a headunit for music? Say the carpc is NOT 5.1 and is normal 2 channel output. Most headunits have sound imaging built in (like dynamic sound organizer on my sony) that makes it sound more like its coming from in front of you and what not. Is it worth keeping the headunit for these types of things or is the pc output as good?

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    Sound imaging, processing, etc, icky... I do not want anything changing my music.

    It all depends on the quality of the media and sound card. Some sound cards will have higher s/n ratio and less distortion than a head unit. Some head units blow away some of the better sound cards.

    Anything that a head unit can do, can be done with a carputer (minus the FM/AM reception )
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      also the quality of the audio comming from either device should be considered when comparring the differences.
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        Yeah, this topic has been discussed extensively before. You'll find alot of information that you're looking for by utilizing the search feature of this forum.