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  • List Of 5.1/optical Amps

    Alright, so, What im trying to do here is to compile a list of amps that would allow those wanting to go without an H/U or decoder to get from their Laptops Optical out/Motherboard Optical out/Soundcard Optical out straight to an amp. So...I've done a bit of researching and here are the amps that i have found mentioned on the forum and other places:

    1. Hifonics Zeus ZX 5.1
    Where to get it? I dont know!, Cardomain stopped selling it!!

    2.Phoenix Gold Octane-R R5.1MT
    Possibly discontinued, Cardomain stopped selling this too? (hmmmm, whats going on here?)

    3.Performance Teknique ICBM-5.1 5.1
    I think this is the most affordable unit @279, but i have NO information about the SQ.

    4. Alpine MRA-D550
    Available through Crutchfield, but kinda expensive @ 899

    5.Alpine MRA-F350
    Available through crutchfield @ 459, but i think you might need an Alpine H/U.

    Okay, so thats all i found...If you guys can find more amps, lets build this list and possibly do a comparison and determine what the best option is for those wanting to use their optical outs direct to their amp.

    ALSO! The million dollar question is......Do you get a THUMP on startup/shutdown if you are using the optical outs on your laptop/mobo/Soundcard?

    to be continued...

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    And this one!

    Autosonik AA.6900 - 7690 068

    I can't find any spec. of this product!
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      Blaupunkt do one.


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        I wonder about the thump too.... possibly you get one when the optical fibre goes "live", but if it waits for some sort of "connection validation" (which I supposed it should) then I guess not thump :thumbsup:

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        Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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          Zeus Hifonics:

          They are German, but will ship worldwide,I bought from them before and they have a good service, and fast delivery.

          costs: 639,- shipment USA 40,-
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            I have no thump, whine, noise... anything with my Via MII10000 digital coaxial spdif out to PG Octane-R R5.1MT

            But that is not optic.
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              Optical and coaxial both carry a digital PCM stream; the only difference is the means of transmission
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                No thump on startup or shutdown when using digital out (coax or optical) at all. Also, no hdd noise, GPS mouse noise, touchscreen noise, etc. I'll never use analog again.
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                  3 More Amps, No more Thump

                  Thanks for the posts. So, it seems like optical does solve the Thump problem . I was on searching today under 5.1 amps, cause they seem to pretty much all have optical inputs and i found this link with 3 amps that were not mentioned so far. These are Soundstream D'artagnan, Vector D 5.1 and the Audison LRx 6.SR. However, I am not positive that all three amps have optical ins because the website fails to mention what type of ins their amps have

                  My question to the forum is has anyone used a Performance Teknique amp, or even better the amp in question(ICMB-5.1)? The reason im asking is because it seems like a great deal with an average price of 260 bucks.

                  Oh yea, heres the link for those 3 other amps:



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                    Instead of finding an amp with optical input, why not use a piece of gear that has multiple digital inputs, and analog outs, such as this processor to stop the thump?

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                      In a car environment, the longer you keep the signal digital the better, as there will be less opportunity for noise. And a digital amp means one less piece of gear you'll have to install, I think it's a good option if you haven't already invested in a non-digital amp(s). Most of them seem a little on the expensive side considering the power, but I suppose that's the cost of an all in one solution. The Phoenix Gold amp is cheap but has no power.

                      I wouldn't want to use the Creative product you linked to in particular, since it's not designed for automotive use, and probably has low voltage outputs. Maybe 2v? For me 4v is the minimum, and 9-13 is ideal. Panasonic, Claion, Alpine and Audiobahn all have DSPs with SPDIF inputs.
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                        Also, don't forget about an Alpine PXA-H700/H701. Which is a processor that has an optical in as well as other inputs. You could use one of these and make short (ie < 3Ft.) runs to your amp(s).

                        I have the H700 that I plan on using with 2 Alpine MRV-F345 in 3 CH. mode to get my 5.1.
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                          Isn't it a better idea to use a PROCESSOR or EQUALISER with optical input than to use an amplifier with optical input?

                          Surely a processor or equaliser is more likely than an amplifier to have high quality DACs inside. This would also allow you to use a wide range of amplifiers instead of being limited to just a small selection.

                          In short, I think it is a better idea to setup similar to how Defiler (above) has explained he is setting up.

                          I'm going to start a separate thread about which EQs have optical input. In my case I only want stereo sound, not digital surround.


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                            There are several threads on that already. There's not many available, and you're probably going to end up with surround features whether you want them or not.

                            There's not much to a DAC. As long as it conforms to spdif specs, I wouldn't expect much of a difference between those found in an amp or an EQ. Although what is done to the signal afterwards will surely vary substantially. I'm still undecided on using software for EQ control instead of hardware, which I have to do since the ADD51t has limited equalizer functionality, but even the default Winamp EQ seems to be very effective at fine tuning. And I can have individual presets for every single song that auto load if I want, something I can't do in hardware.

                            The processor Defiler mentioned is indeed nice, but check out the price. And talk about unneeded features.
                            In progress: M10000; Travla c134; Xenarc 700TSV; Hitachi 80GB 2.5"; 256MB ULP; M2-ATX; ITPS; Powermate; iKEY SL-88 KB; Holux GM-210; Audiobahn ADD51T w/ COAX/optical converter; Road Runner; iGuidance 2.1


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                              I got my Alpine unit off ebay for about $420. Yes a bit pricey and yes it will have features I probably will never use but the price was right and this is my fifth Carputer in my last four cars and each time I did something different/better. I always wanted 5.1 and figured this was the time to do it.

                              The main reason on my last Carputer I went with a hardware EQ/Preamp was I wanted instant control of volume/EQ settings without having to rely on the computer/touchscreen/remote. Just
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