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Self Amplified Center Speaker?

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  • Self Amplified Center Speaker?

    Im doing l4tran's 5.1 MidiLand's ADS-3000 dolby setup... And well I have just about everything in place, except for my center speaker to offer the proper effect. Im just gather ideas.

    I have two rockfords amps that are occupied feeding my mids and highs and subs. I dont have any channels available for a center. I was thinking about investing in a self amplified center speaker. I remember reading bits and pieces regarding such a speaker. But have yet to locate a source to purchase one or what the correct name is for searching for such a speak.

    Self Powered Speaker, Active speaker?

    Another question is would this be wize to do or would it kill the quality/dolby effect... Any info would be much appreciated. I hand this to you antimatter...

    Thanks guys.

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    alpine makes a powered center speaker. it is a flush mount unit
    99.9% complete.


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      Good to know, have a model by chance?


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        Look at I know it's listed there.


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          Thanks for the input guys, these damn centers arnt cheap :/ 5.1 is an expensive hall...