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Problem with Peripheral Aux2Car for Trailblazer

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  • Problem with Peripheral Aux2Car for Trailblazer

    I bought the Peripheral Aux2Car Auxiliary Input Interface for my mp3 player (not ipod) in my 2004 Trailblazer. I installed everything correctly but pressing the CD/Aux button did not work. If anyone has had a problem installing this in a trailblazer and found an answer please help!

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    Did you have to hard wire it or did it come as a plug and play unit? I am guessing you are just using it as a RCA input? Do you use MSN messenger...I ask because if you get on Messenger on Monday I should be able to get you an answer. I have several friends that work for Peripheral.


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      it was basically plug and play i unplugged the cd player and put a connection between it that is read as a cd changer. I did have to sauter a wire for power to the cigarette lighter and I tested it for 12V. My msn messenger name is natedawg99. Ill try to be on some time just add me and message me if im on.


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        I have the EXACT same problem!! What was the solution??!!! THANKS


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          Did you guys figure this out? I had a very similar problem using a PAC AUXBOX on my 07 Uplander. It did not work in a 05 Uplander either. I believe both units may be the same.


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          Anyway, it would not work no matter how I set the dip switches. My OEM stereo has the AUX button and I do not have OnStar/XM.


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            I actually am using and AUXBOX too. I contacted PAC and they said to exchange it. Im doing so right now. I really hope that its the box that is defective because I dont want to mess with this much more. Ill post as soon as I try the new unit.


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              Well, bad news. I installed the exchange and no luck. It seem like when I hook it up to the power, the dash turns off and so does the radio and when I unhook it they turn back on. I dont know whats wrong. I am going to contact Pac and see what they say.


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                Success, I got it to work, but had to set the box for XM mode. The stereo would not pick it up on redgular GM Class 2 mode. I hope this info is of help to some one.