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multi source audio integration via amps

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  • multi source audio integration via amps

    i am installing a carputer into a 2002 camry, and am confused about how to wire the whole thing. I kept the aftermkt(kenwood excelon) head unit in place. i also installed a ps2 for the kid.
    What is the best/easiest way to wire the whole thing so that I : can select between audio/video sources & have all of the audio through the amps. I know i need to use an A/V stwicher for part of it. I have a 4 input/ 4 independent output stwicher w/ aux 12v outputs. I want it to all run through the amps so that i can use the radio/ indash cd, listen/ watch dvds from the carputer in 5.1, and have killer sound when I use the ps2. If it matters i am using a 4x100(rms) for the front and rear( for a set of 5.5 boston components in the front and a pair of infinity kappa 6x9's w/ 3 way x-over, a 500x1 for a kicker l7 12" solo baric. i have a smaller RF 360x2 amp that i was considering using for the center ch. is that over kill? what would be the reccomended amp output for the center speaker. also what is the best size of speeker to use for the center chanel. dont know how much room i have yet, just looking for general reccomendations, ie pioneer 5way 6x9, a component, ect...
    With an optima yellow top would 1 cap be enough or should i use 2(i've got 3 sitting arround) I am thinking about adding a 2nd sub @ some point down the road.