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Cheap firewire audio interface

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  • Cheap firewire audio interface

    I'm really looking at the motherboard digital output>5.1 decoder/DSP/amplifier threads as this should be the way to go - even if the preferred item isn't jumping off the page just yet.

    In the meantime, I have tried an External Soundblaster (extigy 2ns I think) - this had a huge driver! - it was also powered by 5v, and given the current restrictions of many car-based DC-DCs created some issues. I was also concerned by the number of USB devices contesting the same bus.

    OK - so this looks worthy of a mention: A new firewire device from Behringer.

    Metal case
    Small device drivers (CPU overhead not known)
    12v 200ma power (compare that to the external soundblasters!)
    Cheap - about 60 in the UK.

    Only 2-channel though.

    Its not out just yet(end of Nov), but it looks to provide a good external option.