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  • Help!!!!!!!!

    can anyone please help me i have a 2000 pontiac grand am se and i have no idea what size the speakers are in the door the car is in a different state right now so i cant measure them or even check them to see

    so can somone give me the dimensions of the speker or know what speaker i should buy for the doors plz

    i was thinking of audiobahns becuase you get free tweeters with them

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    Hey welcome to the forum.

    1st, better titles please... its a bit offputting viewing such openended titles.

    Anyways, I know nothing about any Pontiacs... but I thought i'd at least TRY and help and Googled for you. (Aww ain't I nice!)

    have a little look at this. It seems to say the standard doors are 4x6 but with an adaptor u can fit 6.5". But hey, I don'tknow if a 97 is the same as a 2000.... Anyways, have a look and

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      ^ What he said.


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          your right

          thanks for the help


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            the retard that owned the car b4 me messed **** up

            the retard messed up the wiring and none of the speakers work but if i just buy a 4 channel amp and hook up my rear six by nines and my door speakers to the amp then run the rca's to the head unit theres no need to hook up to the stock wiring then is there

            thanks again for the help


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              you are correct, you are essentially eliminating (if any) stock amplifiers.