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Sony Head Unit Wiring......

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  • Sony Head Unit Wiring......

    I have a Sony MEX 5DI head unit I recieved sometime ago and have a slight problem. I hooked up all the wires to the best of my knowledge (bought it off Ebay some time ago with no instructions) and It works fine but retains no memory when the vehicle is turn off. The wires are color-coded like so:

    Yellow = Vehicles 12v power for radio

    Red= Constant 12v (memory?)

    Black= Ground

    Med Blue=Remote

    Dk Blue= Power Antenna

    Orange= Dimmer

    Lt Blue= I have no idea.

    Am I hooking up something wrong? My friends Sony deck does the same thing and has similar wires, it's a complete pain we have not experienced when installing other brands actually. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You have the yellow and red reversed. It took me 5 minutes to find the manual online at Sony. I Googled "MEX 5DI instructions".

    It's here.

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      Yeah, I believe Yellow is constant and red comes from ACC.


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        Thanks for the info and most definitely the link to the manuals.


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          Yellow is 12 volts constant
          and Red is ACC

          E-mail if me if you have and other problems.


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            ohh btw. the blue wire is for power ant and the blue/white strip is is for remote turn on (amp turn on trigger)