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Removing stick speakers in a 2000 Jetta VR6 GLX

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  • Removing stick speakers in a 2000 Jetta VR6 GLX

    Hi I am new to this site and I currently own a 2000 Jetta VR6 GLX. I have two 12" audiobahn subs in the back and am wanting to put all new 6.5" speakers in the doors. After I removed the stock speaker covers i saw that taking the stock speakers out would be much more complex than i thought it to be. If anyone has any tips on getting them out and then wiring the speakers that would be very helpful. I plan to use the stock wiring and just run them off the stick amp.

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    you do realize that you will have to remove more than just the grille..... door panels need to come off.... more than likely the grilles weren't even ment to be removed.... hope you didn't break them?
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      yeah i do realize that, i was hoping that there would be a way to do it with out completely removing the door panels, but if anyone has specifics on how to do that that would be awesome


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        You will need to remove the entire door panal, and on top of that, get a good drill with high speed metal drill bits, as you will have to drill out the rivets that hold the stock speakers to the doorframe. As for wiring, your on your own there, I completely replaced my wiring, amps and head unit with aftermarket, nothing left of the stock system.