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David Navone Pop-Stopper Question...

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  • David Navone Pop-Stopper Question...

    I just received Navone Engineering's N-66A Delayed Amp turn-on. The device has three wires: BLACK, BLUE, and ORANGE.

    The instructions say:

    1. Connect the BLACK wire to the deck's chassis ground
    2. Connect the BLUE wire to the electric antenna triggering lead from deck
    3. Connect the ORANGE wire to the amplifier's turn-on lead

    Since I'm running the PC as my HU, I don't have a "deck"...would I use my carnetix regulator as my deck?

    In other words, should I wire the black wire to the regulator's ground wire, wire the blue wire to the regulator's amp turn on lead, and then wire the orange lead to the amp's turn on lead? (the reason that i dont just use my amp turn on lead from the regulator is because the 2 second delay is simply not enough of a delay for my sound card to initialize...i needed at least 30 seconds, which is what navone's product offers)

    Would another solution be to cut the remote wire going into the amp, and attach blue wire to one end and the orange wire to the other end so that the only signal going into the amp is forced to go through the pop-stopper??

    - SrCsTc's Bezel
    - Alpine W200/H701
    - ED Nine.2X
    - OZ Matrix Elites
    - ED Nine.1
    - Idmax 12's