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  • sound volume help

    hi.. i installed a 5.1 speaker system in my car for my carputer... i noticed the bass was a bit lower than when i use it in the house... any ideas?

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    Do you mean lower as in, the sub hits lower tones or lower as in less volume?

    There's a lot of things that go into how a sub sounds in a car, houses and cars are very different. You didn't specify where you have the sub in your car, but for best results, have the driver at the back of the trunk firing towards the REAR of the car.



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      lower as in less volume...

      i have the sub facing inside the car.. have made it possible so that when i drop the centre arm rest in the back i have the sub showing ..

      my set up so u have a fair idea what i am working with..

      12v to 240v inverter 600w
      p3 not sure what.. cant remember one of my old machines..
      5.1 sound card
      5.1 5000w speaker system

      i got one for my gaming pc... it was off the hook... so i bought another one to put in my car... but i can feel a lot of difference in the sound