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Help me decide my sub setup. (MTX any good?)

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  • Help me decide my sub setup. (MTX any good?)

    The amp I will be using is a JBL BP 300.1 monoblock which does 150wrms @ 4ohm, and is 2 ohm optimized at 300wrms.

    I current have a single infinity 1230w in a ported enclosure built to fit its specifications. I also have a spare infinity 1030w, which I intended on getting a mate for to go dual 10" in my wheel wells.

    A friend has recently gotten married, and the wife has asked him to sell his system.. and has asked me if I want his subs. A sealed box with two 10" MTX Thunder 6000's.. the thing is, I know nothing about these subs, and whether or not they're worth getting. Should i hold out and get another 1030w.. or will these MTX subs give close to the same performance and SQ?

    Many thanks for your responses.


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    MTX is okay. I had two 8" truck wedges that did alright. No where near as good as the 10" Rockford's or single 12" JL I replaced em with. Infinty makes good SQ stuff, not real loud, which I prefer.
    The MTX model you stated I believe is only rated at 550w and wont have the SQ or SPL of an Infinity driver.