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Winamp Visualization plug-in

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  • Winamp Visualization plug-in

    As far as I'm concerned, BeatHarness is the only plug in to use. You can set it to make visualizations from videos or pictures you have. You can also have it run those visualizations on your desktop so you dont have to take off the vis to do whatever your doing. It's brilliant and I highly recommend it.

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    Hmm, would like more info but their website is sparse. Link for anyone interested:

    I don't think i have enought pictures to make it worth it, and using the videos I have on my carputer for when parked and waiting (family guy comes to mind ) might be a little distracting. Might give it a shot though, thanks for the post.

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      there is a little more info on the winamp website.

      I'll see if I can get a screen shot.

      Live webcam can also be ran through it. You can add and subtract whatever visualizations you want, inlcuded or not.