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Car Idle - power/amp problem?

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  • Car Idle - power/amp problem?

    I'm not much of a car guy, so I'm not sure what the problem is. When my car is in idle and the engine kinda changes states from running faster to slower or vice versa, my sub-woofer pops. When I look at the amp when this happens it seems to loose power for the brief moment that this turnover occurs, then everything is back to normal. So basically when I'm in idle, every few seconds the engine state seems to notably change, I hear this faint pop from my woofer.

    It's a 300watt amp if that helps. I'm not sure if it's a car problem or an electrical problem? any ideas?

    (On a side note, I'm new here, so 'Hi'. I don't have a carputer yet, but am planning a project very soon. I would very much like to fix this problem before I begin and how to avoid similar issues down the road. Thanks in advance!)

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    Either a bad ground and your amp keeps turning off and on, or your electrical system's problem lies deeper in the engine bay. Double check and pray its your ground.
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