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Some questions about a new sound system for an H2

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  • Some questions about a new sound system for an H2

    Alright, I have decided that I want to get a sub or two for my H2. I Have been looking around at things and I was wondering how many watts of power I can run on a system, my alternator has a 145 ampere rating.

    Also, if I got like a 2x500 watt system(for example) would I be able to hear the music or would it just be bass. Does the power from the amp go into my speakers as well, or just my subs. And also, would I have to get new speakers or something?

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    well 145 x 12v = 1740 watts. which I thnk would be a bit much. However, you should be able to fit a sub or two.
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      If you are not going to amp the mids and highs then go with a 10 inch sub and a 400 watt or so subwoofer. This will not have the sub overpowering the output from the mids and highs.

      But if you are thinking of 500 watts stereo and 2 subs then I would seriously consider upgrading the speaker component in the vehicle. Else you would be turning down the subs so much that having all that power and cone area ends up being a waste.