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  • Sound Card with S/PDIF

    Does it really matter what sound card I use for the S/PDIF output on my CarPC. All of the decoding will be done in a DSP, so does the soundcard just embed the AC3 in the S/PDIF? I'm looking at this cheap sound card which supports 24-bit 96KHz and 7.1 all in a low profile card:

    Do the bit-rate and sample-rate of the sound card even matter if the card isn't decoding anything? Sorry if these are basic, it just doesn't seem like the card would have to do much if all of the decoding work is given to the DSP via a straight digital link. Thanks.
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    I could be completely off my rocker here, but I don't believe that there is that much of an importance in the card in this instance. Like in my car, I'm running optic out of the SB PCMCIA card into the alpine processor. The alpine is doing all of the processing. I have all eqs, etc. set at flat on the computer (disabled if possible).

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      I don't think it matters either, although I would go for a card that had good driver support. If that one hasn't had an update in a year, choose something else.
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