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  • 1 sub or 2?

    Greetings! I'm planning on purchasing a Lexus IS300 in the upcoming months, and will be starting my carputer project on that. For those unfamiliar, the IS300 has limited trunkspace - about 10 cubic feet. I'm not planning on carrying much cargo, so it's enough to fit amps, carputer, subs, and an emergency kit.

    I've already purchased one 12" subwoofer for the project (was originally going to be installed in my Camry until I ran short on funds) and am thinking about buying another one (same one, of course). It's 500w RMS and 2000w peak.

    -Do you think this would be overkill?
    -Would having 2 of these degrade the overall enjoyability of the music?
    -Would the vibrations be too much for the hard drives/optical drives? I've already searched the forums for the answer to this, but it doesn't look like anyone was dealing with this much power.
    -Anything I should be aware of?
    -Overall - yay or nay on a 2nd sub?

  • #2 space and you're putting in 12's? Think.

    Well, what you define as overkill is what you want to hear. If you want to set off car alarms, get your second twelve, upgrade your Alt and battery and get a cap. Here'st he deal: the better you have your stuff wired, the smaller woofer you'll need to get the sound you want. Not kidding. THe w00x was a 5.25 inch sub that sounded like the average 10". If you want sound q, do what i did.

    Basslink your trunk.

    Now, the vibratiosn for the drives, if mounted in the back may or may not cause the drives to skip. If you're doing normal bass...then no, no problem then. If you like hearing your passengers scream into your ears when the music is playing, the HDD is the least of your worries. Power will be. There's a very good reason why we don't deal wih this much power: its unneccessary, if not deterimental. And no, i don't think th e HDD will survivie unelss you have a laptop or one of the high performance Seagates that you can play hockey with. Then again, they were off...

    if you're going sound quality, i would say sub is more than enough, if you power it right.
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      It depends on the quality of the sub you have and which amp you want to run with it. Its a lot more complicated then bung it together and see if it works.

      You should consider the resonance of the enclosure your putting it in and the size of your trunk/boot. A enclosure tuned to the sub will give a much better responce than just a large sub and amp.

      Whats the spec of the amp you will be running, if its pushing the limit of the sub you would be better of running two subs at half power, you probably would get less distortion this way as well. If you just want to add a nice amount of bass and the sub can truely handle 500W then one should be enough.

      You wont need a capacitor, but you might want to think about investing in a high capacity gel battery.

      Its a bad idea to have your car PC in the trunk if your going to be cranking up the bass. Likewise dont bolt your amp to your sub box.

      I mounted my car pc under the passenger seat, well away from all the vibrations, I also used a seagate 2.5 laptop drive for extra durability.
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        first off if the sound damnping in the car isnt all too good, do that first. that will improve all speakers and frequencys. Now, I know its a lexus... nice car btw, but still check it out... I dont know how well they've insulated and dampened things. I recommend I read some reviews and their products are top notch and a great value.
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          I have an IS300 with a car pc installed. Here's what I did:

          I went with one 12 initially, but am actually going to move down to a 10 soon - if you have a good 12" sub, there's no need for you to get another one (unless you want to be heard coming down the street)... as others have said, this is highly dependent on the amp/sub/enclosure that you're using. If you're interested in just having some added bass to your music without being too overpowering, I would personally stick with the 12 - it should be more than enough. More subs won't make the music less enjoyable, as you can always turn them down to provide a good balance - however, if you are turning them down might as well go with one.

          If you are worried about not having enough bass, go with the 12 for right now but make sure that your amp can support a second 12 should you decide to add one later on down the line. If you get a good sub amp, it most likely will remain stable and be able to output enough power for 2 subs.

          I also put sound deadener in my trunk as well as behind the back seat - it really helps prevent rattles and the bass hits very clean. I would recommend spending a day installing some deadener - it will make a noticeable difference. You can buy it relatively cheaply as well. I also upgraded my battery to an optima yellow top, and upgraded my grounding wires.

          My computer is in my trunk with the sub. I have a 2.5" toshiba hard drive, and have not run into any problems (it's been like this for 6+ months), even when the sound is all the way up. The computer isn't even mounted yet, as I haven't figured out how I want the trunk arranged. Even without any sort of stable mounting, everything works fine. The only issue I am trying to resolve is how hot the computer gets (it gets really hot here in Houston, even in the winter!)

          I decided to get an extended warranty from Fry's when I bought my hard drive - that way, if for some reason the hard drive does fail, I will be able to get it replaced easily. It's not like I'm worried about losing anything on the hard drive anyway - all my music is on my desktop at home as well. I wouldn't bother with a 3.5" drive - they're not as forgiving in this kind of harsh environment.

          If you aren't getting a mini-itx motherboard, you won't be able to fit the computer anywhere in the actual cabin area - it will HAVE to go in the trunk. With a mini-itx, you can put it in your glovebox without a problem. A sub, computer, and amp can easily fit in the trunk. You could probably fit two subs in there if you're able to find a good place to mount the computer

          Also, it's not that hard to put a screen into the car. There's no real custom fabrication necessary - just order a double-din kit and dremel the screen's enclosure until it fits. Takes a few hours worth of work, but not as tedious as most of the good installs here.

          Let me know if you have any other questions that I can help you with.


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