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    Hi, I've been trying to design a vented box since about one month but I'm not sure how can I do that, I,m using WinISD, and reading thread about who to desing the box but everything seem so confusing in my mind, I would like to know if someone can help me with it, I'm using two infinity 1032 Woofers. I want them in seperate chamber with a 2 port comming in the center of the box (between the two seats), Box would be 38inch wide, 16 in deep and maximum 13 inch high. I would like to use slot ports about 2 inch wide each

    Here are the spect for the woofer:
    Driver : Infinity Reference 1032W
    Vas : 1,264
    Qts : 0,40
    Fs : 30,70
    SPL : 91,00

    What is the woofer displacement ?

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    hope that helps

    there's quite a few options there that you can research through for better specifications.
    Jan Bennett
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