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alpine dva-9860 pxa-h701 optical aux source

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  • alpine dva-9860 pxa-h701 optical aux source

    I'm wondering if it's possible to connect an alpine dva-9860, a pxa-h701 and a digital external source via AI-NET without using a RUX-C701 controller.
    This seems actually impossible. If i connect the optical external source to pxa-h701 optical input, the 9860 doesn't recongnise it and continue showing only CD-CHANGER-TUNER. I was expecting a "DIGITAL AUX EXT SOURCE" was inserted in rotating menu like plug and play but it's not. I didn't find any menu setting to activate it.
    I know i can activate it using the externat RUX-C701 in stand alone mode but then i have to control volume and source input by by RUX instead of 9860 and is really boring change source input all the times, and i need another DIN space to place the RUX.

    Any suggestion?

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    I often dream of "what if" scenarios and already came up with 2 ideas:

    1. If I'm not mistaken, you could get an optical TOSLINK "Y" adapter and use that in in the path to the PXA-H701 to allow you to switch between the DVA-9860 and the external digital source. I think I've seen those for sale both on eBay and perhaps MCM Electronics or similar.

    2. You could get a non-working/junk Alpine CD changer or whatever and leave it connected to the Ai-Net bus and simply keep the TOSLINK connected to your external source. The reason for that is that you need a device present on Ai-Net to be an "active source" to allow the function.

    If I may ask, why are you not buying the RUX-C701? Are you not using the EQ settings and all those powerful functions you have available? Just curious....

    Personally, I think you ought to call tech support at Alpine and verify your options.

    Good question, though!


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      I already have RUX-C701. The problem is that you have to set "stand alone mode" if you want to select manually the input. The volume, balance, fader etc are then controlled by RUX. You need RCA cables for let work alpine analog radio, you need to disconnect all AINET cables except the direct connection HU-Changer. Switching from a souce to another is just boring. you have to switch in HU and set the different input device in RUX. Your HU will not control almost anythin, only source button. Volume will not work and you need 2 DIN slots for HU, RUX and A place for Monitor. Not easy!!
      I'm still hoping someone will crack AINET to let control everything by CARPC.



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        Have you searched that subject? I think I saw a thread where someone was using the AI-Net to allow the pc to control a headunit.
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