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Automatic audio selector?

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  • Automatic audio selector?

    Hey there - I've done some searching on this forum and elsewhere and seem to have a fact, I found someone did have a similar problem but I'm not sure what their solution was..

    I would like to do the follow car install:
    - install lcd screen with 2 a/v inputs
    - install t.v. tuner with a/v output
    - install ipod w/video (and hence a/v output)

    The problem is that the screen I got doesn't have an audio output. It is designed to be used with wireless headphones. I know I know I'm a noob...but I still want to get things integrated with my car audio. Basically, I have one audio input for my car stereo.

    Here's what I would like to do - connect the t.v. tuner and ipod video outputs to the lcd screen. I could select which video I want to watch on the screen.

    To connect the audio, what I would need is an audio selector that channels 2 sources into 1.

    This would be simple enough if I could turn both the ipod and the t.v. tuner on and off (I can turn the ipod on/off). The problem is that I think the t.v. tuner remains on as long as it is receiving power - even if it is not the active input selected on the lcd screen. So I suspect it continuously transmits an audio signal...

    WHat I think I need is something that gives preference to one channel...and then switches to another channel if it is turned on and reverts back to the default channel if the second channel is turned off.

    I've seen audio/video selectors that have a manual switch (but don't want that b/c I don't want to have to put the switch anywhere in my car) and others that use an IR remote (which means it probably won't work if I hide the selector behind the dash).

    Is there anything out there that does this?? Preferablly it either doesn't require a power source or is powered on 12V.

    Thanks very much!! This site is a great source of info - good job!