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Anyone from AZ by chance?

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  • Anyone from AZ by chance?

    Im looking for someone who is experienced in car audio and what options I have with my car pc now that I have it in and working. I will pay in cash or pc parts I have tons of stuff laying around. Contact me via pm or email

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    What part of Arizona are you in? I live in Chandler.

    What all do you want to do with your CarPC / Car Audio?


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      I live in Scottsdale. Im in Chandler often though and would be more then willing to drive to whree you are. Basically I dont know much about the car pc options like what its capable and what not, and im haveing trouble getting all of my audio in my car to work properly. Basically im looking for someone who knows there stuff and can say you can do this this and this and it cost this much type of deal.


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        I'll be out of town the rest of this week and most of next week. When I'm back in town I can go over your system and options you have. I'll ping you when I get back to Phoenix.