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how can i use my existing old school am radio controls

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  • how can i use my existing old school am radio controls

    sorry if you've already seen this post elsewhere - just didn't know where it was most appropriate.

    looking for help/affirmation on whether i can use my old radio to control my car pc. here's the story:

    72 chevy pickup, original AM radio. i have found a company who will rebuild the radio with modern components (higher power, four speakers, changer controls-not sure how that one works, and rca inputs.)

    the trick is, all of the radio's original controls will still be used (ie: volume pot., rotary channel adjust, push-buttons.)

    i plan on running the computer's audio back through the new old radio for sound, but i want to hack the controls so that they run the basic music functions of the computer (i will also be using an overhead touchscreen for more complicated functions.)

    the company rebuilding the radio won't do this:
    any suggestions?

    see the old radio below to give you an idea.

    i would plan on using the pc for everything, including am/fm radio, so in effect, the original would always be in "aux" mode. i guess i could get the buttons to switch the functions (radio, gps, dvd, whatever.)

    i don't need the radio, just want to retain the original "feel" of the controls.

    i also think this would help frustrations (from the wife) so that the basic carputer functions are not complicated for her.

    btw, here's the website i've found for the company doing the conversions. i've asked the particular question, just wating on responses.

    perhaps someone more savvy than me could take a look and see if it's a real possibility. maybe i could call it "analog front end."

    also, has anyone tried this on a radio this old? suggestions?
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    you can run the buttons to a serial or parallel port on the carpc, then use a program called "girder" to control each button.

    try a search for girder on the forums
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