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Anyone from AZ know a really good...

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  • Anyone from AZ know a really good...

    car audio installer that might know about carpc's as well? I need a wireing genius to figure out what I did wrong. Iv been stressing about this for well over 2 weeks now, I have over 4k worth of **** sitting in my garage doing nothing and iv about had it. I love carpcs but if I cant find someone local to run over my work and correct my mistakes Im going to yank it out and sell my screen and pc and move on to a regular dvd playing headunit. Plz someone help me

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    good luck!

    btw, whats the problem?
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      People on this board know more about carpc's than any shop around here.


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        In a long nut shell...I have a pc wired and working just fine. I have an opus useing two distribution blocks one + one ground. and a wire running up front to the ignition. Well I wanted to throw a deck in the back to control what each component does. So naturally I wired it to waht I knew worked. Well I got it to work, only down side is it wouldnt turn off, and when I say it i mean the pc and the newly wired deck. Sooo I un-wired everything that was attached to the deck...aka everything I had done that night was then un-done. Nothing was ever changed as far as wireing that was already going to the working computer. Now the comp wont turn on. I can run a power wire thats a little further down the line to the positive distribution block and it powers but again it wont turn off.

        So with taht said, and I dont even know if this is possible, I think what I may have done was, with have the deck plugged in I might have re-arranged how the entire circuit was working and now something is acting as something else. And I know that sounds beyond stupid but its the only logical explination I can think of.

        Well thats that.


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          sounds like more of a threat than a cry for help


          why not just go into a high end store (or a highER end store) and ask em?
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          Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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            maybe tweakroxor can help you out. he seems to be doing well with wiring.



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              im sorry if it came off as a threat I did not mean it to sound like that. I was just trying to state where my frustration level was and how desperate I am for someone who really knows there stuff.


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                check the bois of the pc and check that the power settings are right