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Amp running hot...??

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  • Amp running hot...??

    ok heres my setup:
    Two 12" Sony Explod 1200W XS-L121PS subwoofers
    2-Channel Kenwood 800W KAC-7201 Amplifier

    I just had this installed at circuit city the other day. After they installed them and I left circuit city, about 10 minutes later I had some rock music on, not even at a high volume and the song didnt have a lot of bass in it, and then the subs and amp went dead. I popped the trunk and saw that the blue light on the amp was turned off. I immediately drove back to circuit city and they spent about 10 minutes looking it over and found that both of the 25A fuses on the amp were blown, so they replaced them with 25A fuses. Then one of the technicians said "if I were you i would start looking for a new amp soon, thats something internal thats wrong with the amp and its not a good sign." Whether that is true or not i dont know. Anyways, everything was fine for the rest of the night, until last night when i had the subs on and the fuses blew again. I took both of the blown fuses out of the amp and noticed a sticker by the fuse slots that says "30A x 2". I then went to walmart and bought a pack of 30A fuses and installed them and the amp worked after that. Is it possible that the amp was blowing fuses because they were 25A instead of 30A? Also, i started checking the temp of the amp after 15-20 minutes of listening to moderately loud music nonstop. The amp was hot enough to burn my hand if i touched it all the times i checked it. Is this normal with all amps or is my amp not powerful enough to power my subs? The amp has a cooling fan inside of it too. Any help/advice would be great. thanks

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    Sony's and lower end amps have trouble with overheating... My audiobahn A8000T that i got from circuit city used to always overheat on me... A wise decision when buying an amp is to just spend money for a nice one. You get what you pay for.


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      does the amp become damaged when it is that hot to the touch?


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          You're running 2 4ohm subs off of an amp made to run at 4ohms, that's your problem right there. Get a mono amp capable of putting out 600w RMS @ 2ohms. Circuit sells 3 or 4 of 'em. The kicker 600.1, infinty 611A, the MTX 5401, and you can also get the 7801 (that's 1ohm stable though and twice the price, but leaves you LOTS of room for upgrade)

          The amp is gonna run roughly $350 retail. Or you can find 'em online for cheaper. The Kicker is $400 right now on sale. The Infinity generally hovers around $349, and the MTX one i don't remember the price off of the top of my head.


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            laxplaya is right...also kenwood amps overheat a bit.
            Good way to keep it cool is build an amp rack, thats just a box encasing teh amp with inlet and outlet fans.
            also if it has a sticker that says 30x2 fuse then u need 30 amp fuses, no if's ands or buts bout it
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              Look to see if the amp is bridged (you'll know because only two of the four speaker terminals will be used), and if so, that is your problem. That amp will work fine with those subs, but only at 4 ohms stereo. If it is bridged, it will most likely be bridged with the subs in parallel, creating a 2 ohm load. This will make your amp overheat and lead to a premature demise.