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Connecting System to pc/screen?

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  • Connecting System to pc/screen?

    I have 2 amps in my car connected to various speakers sub, i have a mini itx pc to go in the boot and i am about to buy a in dash touch screen , can anybody give me any advice? The cables that go into my head unit from the amp (AUX cables??) red and white ends? will they now need to go from my amp to touch screen or amp to PC?? If they need to go to touch screen then what do i have to make sure the touch screen has, If they have to plug into the PC then do i need a sound card with the AUX outputs? or is there a adapter of any kind?

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    read the FAQ first before posting questions like will help you not only with the current question, but many other questions you have in the future.

    look around in there before you go much further!

    good luck!
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!