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alpine pxa-h600 and toslink input

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  • alpine pxa-h600 and toslink input

    I have a pxa-h600 and was using it with analog entries. That's a nice product but i want to use its dac instead of the ones of my sound card.
    I have connected a toslink cable between my pc and the CD in or changer in of the pxa but no sound is heard.
    I think that I need to have the right HU to enable the toslink input, unfortunetly my one doesn't not have the digital output so I can't enable it.

    Any one has a similar experience with the h600 or h510?

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    There has to be a way for you to select which input you are using on the H600. Did your H600 come with a control unit? Are you using your head unit as the control unit? If so, what headunit are you using? There is only a small selection of Alpine headunits that will allow you to control your processor...if you don't have one of them, I suggest you get one.

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      I have an old cda-7842. It can only drive the volume of the h600.
      It seems that (according to manual) the control unit does not allow to select the source...
      I think I need to find an old changer with digital output to enable the digital input.


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        Can you please hack the H600 ?
        May be with an AI-Net (USB) Controller and the right "keyword" from the PC ?

        Thanks !


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          does anybody have the solution for choosing the source (digital or analog) on the pxa-h600???


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            Pxa-h600 questions

            I actually own one of these, and it was coupled with the Alpine flagship CDA-7949 head unit; I own it too. There were several incarnations of this... the PXA-H600. Given that the 7949 had a copper plated chassis, Alpine distributed some of the 600's with a similar copper plated chassis as well. As to the digital part of your question, there are some units that could work with the 600, but they would have to have the processors "protocols" not just the "Toslink" cable access, and unfortunately the 600 has 'input' only for the fibre-optic (toslink) cable, so that can be limiting. (Keep looking though!)

            I have seen several 7949's on e-bay, and they come up once in awhile.
            By the way, there is a RU-"A" cable/contoller for the 600 (you should have it actually!) it's numbers are: RU"A"-4260. "A" is code for Ai-net. They came with the unit as did the 'p/g/r' cable, which can be tricky actually! And the control unit cable as well as the Mic cable. RCA inputs, and other factors.
            BTW, the 7949 has an interface with the cd changer units. If you have a 'toslink' cd changer, you can input it directly to the 600, if you have a non-optical changer, you can connect it to the 7949. (If it is not Ai-net, there is an adaptor!) Good luck!

            My advice is to get the Alpine CDA-7949 from e-bay.
            Good luck!


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              Additional options

              I looked in my paperwork and found some additional answers for you.
              The Toslink from the PXA-H600 may be used on the following:

              1) CDA-7949 (as mentioned)
              2) CHA-S605 cd changer
              3) CDA-7939
              4) TDA-7558
              5) TDA-7559
              6) CVA-1000

              These are all circa 1998.
              Good luck


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                Just incase anyone is interested still...because this IS a phenomenal processor (and I HATE alpine)...I have the service manual for it. I'm trying to figure out a way of manually activating the input.

                Orrr......Did someone come up with a solution for this?
                Finally got an E39 (528i)...after years of the fun begins.


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                  according recomendation I bought at ebay TDA-7558 specially for H600 and tried to make them work, but there's no sound yet

                  hm... listening compact-cassettes, thinking, what did I do wrong? should I connect to H600 via AiNet CD-changer else?


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                    hello, do you still have h600 manual?