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1995 maxima speaker advice

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  • 1995 maxima speaker advice

    I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima. I have seen and heard ALOT of speakers in my time, and spent too much cash in the past buying stuff and then installing in the car and becomming extremely depressed to find that the sound in the car is NOWHERE near what it sounds like when speakers are in the house or outside the car. So much so, I feel I am more depressed then before I went to spend the cash and my time putting it in! One time I replaced the factory speakers with sony x-plode's, and the SOUND was WORSE then the original speakers!

    For example, my friends Ford Explorer has a bose speaker system, and the sound inside there (generated from just ONE bass speaker) is rich and powerful - yet, there isnt 200+ lbs worth of car stereo amplifiers, crossovers, capacitors, wires, harnesses and other crapola taking up all the space in the back.

    Does anyone have the same or simular car, and installed bass speaker and has a nice sound? I'm trying to shop-out for brands / types of speakers that will deliver the power AFTER they are installed in my car, and without getting into pricey stuff. All I know is to measure and weight out the size of the magnet, and from what I've been seeing, am not impressed - I think I am about to use 8-ohm standard interior speakers because they seem to be the only ones that have a suitable magnet size and dont cost a fortune. Engineering :: Research, Development and Art - all is one

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    Magnet size has nothing to do with the quality and clarity of a speaker. Audiobahn's, for example, have some of the largest magnets around, but they are famous for producing low quality, flashy equipment. You need to look at the brand and reputation of the speaker as well as ask around to see what people recommend. You will find that many speakers are overpriced and do not offer as much bang for your buck as others. You should go and listen to speakers that are on display. Even though they will sound differently when put into a car environment, you can still compare different brands of speakers with eachother.

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      I agree. You are right.

      The speaker industry itself has been overcrowded with flashy stuff and corruption, making it a game to buy an ideal speaker so people constantly buy new ones in a fatal attempt to get a satisfying sound. Engineering :: Research, Development and Art - all is one


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        the reason why bose sounds so good is because the amps they make to power the speakers are made specificaly for that type of speaker to sound its best.
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          Well, it makes sense- if the power to drive the speaker is HIGHER then the one using in my car, then it would make a big difference. And they can over-power their speakers in the store because they just burn them out, and replace them.
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            rainbow speakers would sound DAMN good! but $$$$$....

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