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Anyone had trouble with Class T Blaupunkt Amps?!

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  • Anyone had trouble with Class T Blaupunkt Amps?!

    I initially installed 2 PA2150 amps in the car, 1 for the speakers, 1 for the subs...

    Within a month the first one died - it was running 4 kappa speakers in series which put it at 8ohms 37.5watts per speaker... I had a mere 20amp fuse on its power cable.

    I moved the one I had on the subs over to the speakers and ordered a new one;
    So the new one was pushing the subs (i never moved the other one back) for 2 months and it just kicked right now... This time it was pushing 2 kappa 12.1D subs; voice coils wired in parrallel 1 sub on left 1 sub on right. So 2ohm subs about 300watts per channel would be its possible power output - again on a 20amp fuse which never blew in 2 months. So I obviously was not driving it hard.

    Seeing as the amps died on wiring that another identical amp is still working on AND they died the same way... They try to power up, make an audible click, turn off, and try again. I'm assuming this is the reason they are no longer being made, flawed design!

    I'll be damned if they don't sound excellant though!

    FYI they are wired through distro power and distro ground and no audible noise is present (well there is minor hiss at max volumn).
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    Blaupunkt amps arent known 2 be very "good"
    Bass is like cocain... ITS ADDICTIVE
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      I've noticed, haha... These Tripath chips put out a hell of a sound though. I have a warranty from squaretrade, hopefully they honor it and give me my money back!

      Is there any possibility that the amp thats in there ****ed up the 2 that died?
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        that's why we affectionatly refer to the company as "blowchunks"

        Jan Bennett
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        Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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          when looking into purchasing car audio products it might not be a bad idea to refer to this list:

          Video of My Sub- (playing Mike Jones- Guess Whos Back)
          RE SX12 at 35hz
          Resonant Engineering 12


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            I wanted a Tripath amp because they sound incredible; When the first one died I nearly bought an Alpine/Tripath 5 channel off ebay, but I passed.... Bad choice!
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              I have a PA2150 as well...mine lasted a whole 2 months - then...died. I ran mine on a single 12" subwoofer and it pounded!

              Yeah I'd have to say they are crap...luckily only paid about $60.00 new off ebay...


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                As did I!

                But still, Squaretrade best honor my warranties!
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