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Stock Sub to aftermarket sub Land Rover

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  • Stock Sub to aftermarket sub Land Rover

    Hey guys i just got a 03' Land Rover Freelander a few months ago and the lack of bass is killing me, i used to have an 88 jeep untill i hit a deer and it killed my car. anyway i have all the equipment already from my old car except for a box that ill have to build but i have a problem

    i wanna keep my stock head unit(because it has the navigation) but it dosnet have any RCA out puts, what it does have is a stock sub though so i was thinking of cutting the wires before the stock sub (there are 4 wires 2 negitive 2 positive) and then cutting the connectors off of an RCA cable (there are also 4 wires) so my thought is would i be able to just connect those 2 wires together? they are comming from a stock amp so ill have to turn down the gain or something on the aftermarket amp.

    thanks any suggestions or anything would be appreciated.

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    Do it at your own risk. Even if using high level input on the amplifier, it is said not to use output of another amplifier. Can only use the signal that comes from head-unit. Well... if gain is adjusted properly, this signal will cause no harm for your amplifier, but as I said, all at your own risk.
    Maybe you can use the signal before the stock amplifier?


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      all the other shops i went to said that there just gonna use a high to low converter, which costs 15 and there charging me 100 for it installed, and i cant justify getting ripped off like that, so any one know if those things are easy to install?