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Hooking two speakers up to one channel on amp

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  • Hooking two speakers up to one channel on amp


    I am 99.99% sure this can be done safely, but I want to see what you guys think. I am looking for a center channel speaker for my car, which will come off of a 5th speaker output on my DSP amplifier. I am planning on only sending vocals through the center channel, so was thinking of hooking up a tweeter. However, since they come in pairs, I was thinking of hooking both of them up to the one speaker output. If I hook them up in parallel, they'll both get the same voltage, but the impedance on the amplifier will double. This is OK, isn't it? Just wanted to make sure. Thanks!


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    yes its ok
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      we had this huge discussion several times on MP3cars, where surround sound is one of those topics. There's no point in adding a center channel. Your'e not on center. the best thing you can do is ad a speaker directly infront of you, but that woudl jack up your imagine badly. Stick to 4 speakers. if you so terribly want a center speakers, alpine has one ofr a a decent rpice i think. But i just wouldnt' do it. at all. wave phsyics says not to.

      Disclaimer aside, make sure you have a 1ohm to 2 ohm tweeter set. If not, you'll damage your amp. Read its rating. I it can take higher impednace, then sure, go right ahead and make it happen. Just stay within limits and you'll do fine.

      I still wouldnt' reccomend it though
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        A tweeter has very little impedence. You can add a tweeter onto a 4 ohm speaker and it wont usually stress the amplifier to a 2 ohm load.

        Doesnt the tweeter and speakers have a passive crossover? Use that and problem solved.
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