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    Why are we moble theater entusiasts repeatedly robbed of the opportunity to install dolby digital amps in our car. Last summer I was getting ready to install my carputer in my Mini, I located what seemed to be the best solution, the Pheonix Gold R5.1MT. While a little lean on power it looked like a perfect fit under the passenger seat. I could not locate a local dealer so I contacted the NE distributer, and he promised to get back to me. A couple of Months later I finally got a hold of him only to find it was discontinued. The Hifonics introduced the Zeus ZX 5.1, and now it appears MIA. What is happening? Does someone hold a patent on using SPDIF in a car? Does Doblby labs refuse to licence there products for mobile use? Did the Japanese audio manufactures pay off the other manufacturers so you would only be able to do car theater with their overpriced front ends. WTF is going on here!
    End of rant
    Does anyone know of something on the horizon?
    BTW, I do not wish to use an outboard sound card with all its associated problems.
    VIA M1000 ITX
    40GB 2.5" ATA
    Zenarc 7" touchscreen
    M-Audio Revolution
    Opus 90w w/remote
    Media Car
    New carputer in progress

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    Hifonics has a new one coming out in 60 days. I have the first of the batch promised to me.

    I purchased the LAST hifonics 5.1 and it was DOA. 8 months later, no tech can fix it so they offered me the first of the new batch
    Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.


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      I have 2 brand new RM 5.1's. They were sitting at dealers all year and did not sell and were returned to the warehouse. They won't be available for long! This is by a huge margin the least expensive, easiest, fastest way to enjoy clean, digital 5.1 in your car. The power is more than adequate to run reasonable 6.5" component sets and a small, efficient subwoofer. If more bass is required, a seperate sub amp can be connected.

      I love them and I know they have not been available for a long time. I would rather keep them than sell them off, so there will not be any deals. $500 USD each, shipped within NA, paypal accepted.

      As for the subject of this thread, I whole-heartedly agree. There was some hope with the audiobahn in-dash digital processor, but the cheap price only lasted a few days, and now they are madly expensive like any other 5.1 product. If 1000 of us got organized we could probably form a group buy for a custom peice from an overseas manufacturer.

      All we need is a simple digital to analogue converter. The ideal peice would have built-in adjustable crossovers, EQs, and surround settings. I envision a peice with no on-board controls, simply a USB interface to connect your laptop or carPC for setup and tuning. Someone should approach Audiocontrol with the idea, its right up their alley.


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        You might want to look at the Alpine MRA-F350 and MRA-D550. I'm looking to get the F350. Here are some links for ya :

        FYI, the F350 can be had for around $300 on Ebay... great deal if you ask me. Hope this helps!