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Aux-In into factory installed JBL amp

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  • Aux-In into factory installed JBL amp

    I am working on a project to hook up a mac-mini directly into my Prius's MFD. I've got video working, but now I'm working on the audio portion.

    I think my best solution is to hook directly into the factory JBL amp.

    Here are my thoughts, let me know if this sounds like it will work and have good sound. I'm a bit concerned about the sound quality.

    Here is the JBL wiring diagram:
    and a good site showing the amp and cables: (scroll 2/3 down)

    I bought a breakout cable so I don't have to mess with the factory wires:

    I'm planning on running the head unit wires L+/- R+/- through a 4pdt relay. It required 12 volts so I think I can just run a tap from the 12v into the amp into the transitor running the relay. Open would be my head unit, closed would be the Mac-mini.

    I found someone else who did this with a manual switch running the relay, and he mentioned something about an inline amp from his MP3 player. Any idea why I would need this? Is the signal from the head unit more applified then the signal out of the mac-mini (was just planning on using the headfone jack)

    Will the relay cause any noise in the signal? Any recommended relays?

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    hey i am having trouble with getting the touch screen to work like you did. if you can please help me out. thanks.
    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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      What have you done so far? I assume you are going through the CAN-view?


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        hi jkusnetz!!!i had visited your website about toyota prius and mac.
        i've prius, and i would to install mac-mini inside it,as your car.
        for me, it is difficult, becouse my english isn't perfet(i'm italian), and becouse i don't understand completely instruction. do you have a file in which there is all necessary to make install of mac-mini?thank you very much!!!!