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Antenna plug to 3.5mm

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  • Antenna plug to 3.5mm


    I have a All in one TV in my car which has a tv tuner and radio. But, the only way to get a signal for both is a 3.5mm jack. So i bought a car tv antenna which works for the tv and radio, but the radio sucks its always staticy. So I have been looking for the regular antenna plug adapter to the 3.5mm plug that it has. I don't care if i dont get any tv channels because i only get 4 and there all spanish so its pretty worthless. I just want a clear FM radio that isn't staticy. I am not sure if they really do make them but i have seen an ebay auction that has the antenna plug to 3.5mm

    but i don't think it is worth $30 and from japan just to get the adapter. If anyone knows the name of the adapter or a place to get it would be great.


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    Purchase a "Y" adapter, and plug in between your adapter shown (3.5mm to Motorola), then plug your car's antenna in one end, and your tv antenna in the other.

    Problem solved.
    Will cost you 5.20 plus SH from Parts Express.
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      I dont have the adapter thats the problem. Thats what i am looking for. I just put the picture up to show what it looks like from the ebay auction i found. My car antenna has the motorola hookup, but my indash tv only has a 3.5mm jack. So I need an adapter so i can plug my motorola plug into the 3.5mm jack.


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        Don't know if you'll be able to find one. It's possible you could build one.

        There are places that sell mobile TV antennas with the connectors you're looking for.


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          You can check local electronic store or car audio shop. They probably have adapter for you.
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            I have already gone to a local place, none of them have it thats why I have been looking online. Thanks for trying to help.


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              I have decieded just to solder my own together. But I don't know whether to get a stereo or mono 3.5mm jack. Anyone know?


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                Originally posted by CaPiTaN
                I have decieded just to solder my own together. But I don't know whether to get a stereo or mono 3.5mm jack. Anyone know?

                Buy this:

                will connect your HU, and a regular car radio (if you want) to your car antenna.


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                  he doesn't need a Nissan diversity antenna, that's for Nissan specific vehicles with the in glass antennas....he needs a 3.5mm antenna jack, i've never seen one of those before we recieved an AVN7000 through Eclipse, i was like "Wtf is this for" but yea....back on topic, to be honest with yah, there most likely aren't any local shops who would have that on hand


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                    it wasnt a 3.5mm jack.... it was a 1/8'' jack. i ended up making it and it works perfec... except now im getting tons of engine noise and i already have a filter


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                      hi, do you use a mono or stereo plug?



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