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  • Amp & setup Que, might be stion

    Ok I know computers and I know how to do nearly everything else to a carpc. I've already setup test runs on nearly everything on my home PC with the exception of the car audio and touchscreen. I've been looking at doing this for awhile and up until tonight was completely clueless on how to hookup the audio to my car.

    I've finally found the FAQ (don't know why I didn't look there first :P) that had the "how to hook a pc to car speakers" post.

    I'd like to setup a system that I don't have to do any modding to the car itself, just the stock setup (6inch in the front 6x9 in the back) but as they are right now on an Alpine HU if I turn them up too loud and have the bass at an ok level they sound like crap. I'm pretty sure that may because I don't have an amp, but I'm an audio newb so I don't know. Right now for speakers I have alpine type-r in the front and back, so if they are decent speakers then I'd like to just keep em and get an AMP to do a hu-less install and maybe a sub if I could run that all off one amp.

    Now my question is, what amp/sub should I get? If at all possible I'd like to be able to buy the sub and amp in question from a best buy, as I work there and get an insane discount on the items lol.

    A side note here as well, I've never done any wiring in a car before and I hear people say that you should be running the wires to the battery, well I finally found out you go through the firewall, but A. I don't know where the firewall is (which I'm sure I could find out) B. Do you need to wrap the wire once it's in the engine bay, and just tie/secure it to the chasis and to the battery C. once at the battery just expose the wire and secure it?

    I know alot of stupid newb questions and I'm going to continue to search aaround for the answers to these, but I thought I'd also get a little bit of help at the same time

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    You are going to need a fused 4 guage power wire (red wire) running from the positive terminal on the battery through the firewall, through your car, into your trunk (or wherever u have ur amp mounted). It is important to use a fuse and most amplifier installation kits will come with a fuse already installed on the power line. I would recommend these because the power wire comes already secured to the fuse box, so that would be less work for you.

    After that, you will need to find a place to run your 4 guage ground wire (brown/black wire). I have mine running to the negative terminal on my car battery. This ground wire will be fed through the firewall along with the power wire and connected to the ground lead on the amp.

    The only thing left to power on the amp is the remote wire. You need to find a switched power source that turns on when the key is turned and vice versa. Most carputer power supplies have an amp turn on lead, so you can simply use that if ur power supply has it...otherwise you can go behind the dash and find the turn on wire that used to go to ur now removed head unit.

    After you power the amp, your gonna run speaker wires to all of your speakers. This is simple, just make sure that positive goes to the positive connection on the speaker and that the negative goes to negative.

    If your gonna prefer best buy as a location to get ur subs from, than ur going to be limited to rockford fosgate and alpine. I'm not sure if there was a third brand, but I know they are very limited in their speaker selection. You should find the speaker you want from best buy and then see what you can get elsewhere for the same price. You'll probably end up finding a better deal on your own than you will at best buy (even after all the discounts).

    Your inside speakers are aftermarket and aren't half bad. You should start off with an amp and see how that sounds before getting a sub. I wouldn't recommend trying to power your subs and speakers off of the same amp unless u get an extremely low power sub (which wouldn't be worth it). IMO, you should just go with a four channel amp for now and get the subs later. You might end up liking how the speakers sound and not getting the subs...who knows.

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      Cool, lots of great info. I did a bit more research and some people had said that I should get a wiring kit for being a beginner, are these worth it or a waste of money?

      Other than that I just can't figure out what amp to actually get hehe, gonna read alot of other peoples posts and see what others are using to power 4 speakers in 4ch and 2ch configurations. See what fits into what I'm willing to pay (which is 100-MAYBE 200) beings I already have the Type-R speakers your right I may just like those as it is, audio isn't a really big point to hit on at first. Maybe later on when I get a better car

      Another question, should you run wire under the carpet or under the plastic panels that run through the car? That's soemthing I've never quite got.


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        should be around 100.00 bucks for wire and then 30-50 for + RCA's.

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