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Mounting 6x9's

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  • Mounting 6x9's

    Well, I finally decided yesterday to install my new Infinity Kappa 692.5i 6x9's in the rear dash of my 2000 Sunfire. (see how specific I am)

    Anywho, Turns out that the Sunfire's stock plastic rings that hold the 6x9's in are way to small. Also, turns out that the actual casing around the Infinitys are too big to slide down into the Sunfire's 6x9 hole.

    That leaves me with the only thing to do is to drill into the metal rear dash and mount from below.

    My main concern is vibrations, any suggestions? I thought about grabbing some weather stripping and putting it on the face of the speakers which will be touching the metal frame of the rear dash.

    Any suggestions on doing this?
    2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?

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    I ALWAYS AND EVERYTIME seal the place of contact on speakers with 1/2" or better foam weatherstripping.

    just lay it in, sometimes in pieces for the curvers, and screw it down. Make SURE you poke a hole in the weather stripping (after its on the speaker) where the screws will pass thru, because they will grab the stripping and tear it and or pull it making a gap.

    weatherstripping for speakers, is the ****.
    (All done)
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      Awesome, thanks man!
      2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?