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  • Attention to Wiring Gurus!

    Hey if you're reading this I thank you already since I need some advice...
    Here's the deal, I had a set of JBL P953 6x9s as my rear speakers until one of them blew....I wasn't able to find just one of the same speaker so I ended up with a Alpine SPR-694A TYPE R to replace the one that blew. Now my question is, can I hook this Alpine speaker up to the (JBL brand) in line Crossover that came with the JBL P953 speakers or do I need a new crossover for it? Since the Alpine 6x9 I got has 2 separate connections one for the tweeter and one for the woofer, I don't know how to hook it up to the amp without using the crossover that came with the JBL's so I need a hand....?
    Thanks again for reading!!

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    hey i am an mobile installer for years, really the right way to solve ur problem would be to get another jbl speaker, or another alpine with the matching xover set u can do it now but every speaker company has different xover points jbl might cross thier tweeter higher or lower than alpine so dont expect even sound from ur rear fill , and the alpine has 2 sets of terminals because its bi-ampable , just make sure high section of xover goes to tweeter and low to woofer


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      You cannot use the JBL crossovers with your Alpines. The impedence of the speakers change the crossover points.
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        chances are the alpines have an onboard crossover.

        If you hook it up to the JBL crossover, you will essentially be passing the signal through two crossovers.

        this could cause all kinds of problems. Impedence issues, crossover points, etc. Not worth the time and hastle. buy another set of the JBLs, that way you have an extra for the next time you blow one...
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          as a further note...if you blow a speaker...replace BOTH. Chances are that if one is dead then the other is damaged.