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CDA-9856 and XM...Problem

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  • CDA-9856 and XM...Problem

    I was hoping someone could help me out here.

    I recently bought an Alpine cda-9856 head unit and want to get XM as well. I installed the headunit and it works great but I can't get the XM working. I bought the Terk universal xm unit (xmd1000) and the alpine adapter(xmdalp100) and for some reason they aren't working together. The first time I hooked it up the radio recognized the xm tuner but I got no sound. It just said channel 00 and no sound or ID came up. I couldn't change the channel the 1 either. I returned both the tuner and adapter and got another one and now with this one, the XM isn't even being recognized at all. When I hit source it just switches between CD and Tuner. I then went back to best buy and was going to have the radio swithced out but they put the display in my car and the same thing happened. I got nothing at all. They then hooked up my radio to the display board and the sirius unit they had was recognized by my unit. So that leads me to believe that the AI net input works.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    I hooked up the harness with only the yellow, red, and black wires and of course the speakers. I didnt hook up anything else like the dimmer, power ant etc. IS that a possible cause?

    Thanks for any help.