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KD-DV5100 or other suggestion

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  • KD-DV5100 or other suggestion

    I have a 7" Xenarc that i've had for a while. I started my project a while back but haven't been able to do everything I wanted to.

    For now, to get my screen in the car, I am just wanting to get a headunit that has DVD capabilities like the KD-DV5100 so that I can just hook the screen up to it.

    Would you recommend this head unit or is there another one that would be better for this situation.

    I drive a 2000 Mustang GT and i've added two 10" subs to it. I don't plan on upgrading the speakers anytime soon (if ever) so I don't think more than one preout would be needed.
    2000 Sunburst Gold Mustang GT

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    I like my DV5100 alot. Only down side I have seen yet is in navigating through the MP3s on any DVD you is very slow. Also, songs dont pick up where they left off, they start over from the bigining.

    Put those two things aside and I absolutely love this HU.


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      Yeah I have bought it already now. =o)

      I love it, works great with my Xenarc. I'll have to get some pics of it in its "temp" location and post up.
      2000 Sunburst Gold Mustang GT