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Problems in Wiring Amps

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  • Problems in Wiring Amps

    Hello to every one!

    I bought two RockWood Detanator VII and already Connect the Black Wire to Ground, the red wire to 12V from the Battery and I have a yellow one that I don't know how to wire it. I am using a suplementary battery for use when I switch off the car!, So the question is... Can I wire the yellow one to 12V too?


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    Most likely that wire is a remote wire. that one should go to some switched power source, usually the blue/white wire out of any after market deck. or you could route it directly to the battery if you really wanted with a switch inline, but if you forget to turn off the switch you risk draining the battery.
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      Hi there, i have a question along these sort of lines. I am building a car computer based on a laptop. I have bought a Creative Labs USB Sound Blaster Live! 24bit External sound card and am going to run the amplifiers from my sound system off it.

      The problem is that this obviously dos not have a remote wire from my amps. Can i just connect this remote connection to an ignition switched 12v supply from my car? Would this then mean that the amps come on when my ignition is on?

      I always assumed that this remote wire also controls volume too. But presumable this is actually controled by the 3v pre amp inputs.

      Last question, will the outputs from my external surround sound be at the correct operating voltage for inputs to my amps?

      Thank you - Tim


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        Another question along the same lines. If you remove the old head unit in your car (to be replaced by a LCD) is there a remote wire in the factory harness that can be tapped in to for both the amp and the carPC?

        By your posted comment, if there is a blue/white wire out of the factory head unti there should also be a blue/white in the wiring harness, correct? If so, tapping in to this would give me the remote wire, correct?


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          yes... just look up somewhere online the wires coming out of the harness and find the switched 12v wire and tap that
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            run a 16gauge wire from the acc to the amp remote, that way you can still fire up the amps while the car is off.


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                @ ideiafix
                Be careful of your wire colors. Industry Standard is:

                Yellow: 12v Battery (High Power)
                Red: 12v remote input (Turn on Signal - Low Power)
                Black: Ground

                @Timmy C
                Yes, you can connect your amp turn on wire to the accessory wire of your car. Yes, this will cause the amplifier to come on as soon as you turn the key and will probably cause a 'pop' when you turn on your laptop. You may want to look into a more clever solution so the amps come on after the laptop (delay circuit, relay, etc).

                Yes, there is an accessory wire available at the radio connection. The color will vary from car to car, but using a harness adapter with industry standard colors it will be the red wire. You can test to be sure. This wire will go to 12 volts only when the key is on. This wire is low power (signal only).

                Out of a head unit the remote output wire will usually be blue or blue/white. This is generally used to turn on an amp or put up a power antenna as soon as the radio is turned on. This wire is low-power (signal only).

                Hope this helps
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                  Thanks for the info, that helps me out alot.


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                    Cheers for the help


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                      Noise while Amp on and no sound from pc

                      Hello to everybody and thanks for your tips! but for now I have another problem... when I plugin the amps and the pc don't send nothing the speakers emits a noise like a 'errrrrrrrr'. I already reduced the input from the amps but even with this tried solution the results are the same... Is there any thing to put between the speaker output from PC and the low input from the amps?

                      Thanks a lot



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                        Nope, thats common. You need to delay the turn on of the amp until the laptop turns on
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                          Problems with Amps


                          I already start the amp only when I run the navigation program (I used a PLC to start it) but ever then, if I stop a music the sound remains with a noise like 'errrrrrrrrr'!

                          Is there any filter that I can use to reduce this noise?



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                            It sounds like you are having a ground problem. Search the forums for "ground loop". Basically one or more of your system components has a weak ground. Tracking this down could be difficult. You can also try a "ground loop isolator", although they often affect the sound quality.

                            Another cause could be interference. Perhaps one of your power wires it too close to an audio wire. RCA's (low level) are especially susceptible to this.

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